Rutile Citrine on Strawberry Quartz


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Rutile Citrine is a very energetic combination, with the rutiles boosting the energy of the citrine. They activate both the crown and solar plexus, strengthening the connection between the two. It helps to dispel illusions allowing you to see the truth.

Rutile Citrine is a Solar Plexus Chakra stone that continually transforms your energy and transmutes negativity into positivity. With this stone, your core, your vibrations, and your intentions will become infused with vibrations of love, abundance, balance, and stability. If you need to strengthen your manifesting skill, this stone is for you. Citrine provides the mental clarity needed to maintain focus and direction toward your goals. When the going gets tough and obstacles arise, this rutilated citrine will instill you with a newfound sense of strength that will lead you to overcome any and all obstacles.

Strawberry quartz is an empowering stone that can help to heal your soul. This unique stone is believed to have the ability to prevent negativity from entering your life while also helping you discover more about yourself on a spiritual level.